Ramsa Pro audio mixer WR-8210A  $200.
Shure 200 watt mono power amps  SR105 series (qty 2)  $100.pair
Biamp EQ  model EG110 $15.
Rocktron 180A (8 track encode.decode noise reduction) $65.
Alesis Reverb $85.

S1000 ADA (one second delay) $65.
Ross 10 Band EQ $25.
DOD graphic EQ R830B $25.
RDS 1900 - digital delay system  $85.00

Alesis SR1-16 drum machine $115.00
Peavey Unitiy Series 1000 mixer board  $65.
Sony Mini-disc recorder  MDS-JE320  (  $60.

QSC audio stereo amp model 1200 $120.
SONY DAT recorder DTC-690  $95.00

TEAC A3440 reel to reel new belt, cleaned $350
Teac 2300s reel to reel $175
Teac CD Recorder new $325.

DBX266 compressor $85.
Digitech Screamin blues distortion pedal
Alesis midifex drum machine $60
Electro-Harmonix - space drum $85.00
Boss CE5 Chrous guitar pedal $50
Morley Pedal $100.
MXR noise gate pedal $30.
Studio Pop Wind Screens. $15.ea
Rapco Direct Boxes $15. each
USA Carpet rack case dimensions 18.5x10.5x21 (qty 2)$25. Ea
Console lite new$15.00
Wardbeck rack monitor mixer w built in speakers $60.
Hafler stereo power amp rack mount $85.

BGW 750 amp $275.
Patch bays $15.
XLR Mic Cables $4. ea
RCA Patch Cables
RCA RGB plus stereo audio Monster cables $25. Each
100 ft RCA Cable $20.
Audio Video splitter box $50.
Maudio small studio monitors $60
Presonus EQ $75

Korg Guitar tuner $60.

Shure SM58 (qty 2), $40 each
Beyer Dynamic Soundstar MkII, $86
Audio technica ATM-21 instrument mic $35
ADK Tube mic $250.

Crown PZM w PS $200/

Data Video Chroma Key $300.






Estey 60s tube amp, noisey after warm up.

Morley Pedal

Guitar Cases


Pole Mounted Behringer Speakers new in box $100.

Astatic Mic


Calibration Mic


Teac 3440 7.5 - 15ips



Teac 7.5 - 15ips


ADK Tube Mic

Stanton RM406 Mixer


AT Beyer Shure Mics



BGW 750 Amp

Assorted cables

Audio Video Splitter Box

Hafler Power Amp

Chroma Key