Sold State and Tube Power Amplifiers

PHASE Linear 400 real nice amp

Adcom 5400

Golden Theater 5 channel amp, quality made



Adcom amp

Hafler DH200 amp, from David Haflers former employee

LUXMAN High quality AMP, really nice

Hafler DH500 amp, input boards replaced about 8 years ago.


Classe CA300 amp, really nice amp.


Belles 150A amp 1- year old with original receipt Nov 2016

Carver TFM55

Dynaco 416 and C100 fantastic sound with the C-100 bank

Dynaco st70 looks new sounds fantastic,


Emotiva UPA 200



Recapped McIntosh 2300 $2650.


Crown rack system


Onkyo M504


Dynaco st70

Adcom surround amp