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Sold State and Tube Power Amplifiers

Citation 16 amp 750.Citation 16 Power Amp Sounds Fantastic $600.00

Pioneer M91 over 200 watts per channel $1150


Hafler Power Amp $595.00


Adcom 5400Adcom 5400 Power Amp $395.00

ADCOM 5500 $500.00 like new shown above



Classe CA~100 Power Amp $900.00

CClasse CA100


Adcom amp

Hafler DH200 amp,

Hafler DH220 Power Amp $150.00


Pioneer Spec Rack

Crown Power LineCrown Power Amp $300.00

Crown system 2



Dynaco 416 and C100 fantastiDynaco Stereo 400 Power Amp w C-100 Bank $1200.00 sound with the C-100 bank



Emotiva UPA 200



Recapped McIntosh 2300 $2650.




Crown rack system




Onkyo Stereo Power Amp ~ needs VU meter $385.00 sounds great

Onkyo M504

Adcom surround Classe DR9 Power Amp $1150.00amp